Welcome to Starfort Technologies

Starfort Technologies Ltd is a clean energy technology company deploying a breakthrough Municipal Waste-to-Energy system that is both carbon neutral and has achieved the prestigious ‘’End of Waste’’ status from the UK Environmental Agency.

Pursuing a mission to recover and reuse waste in the most efficient way possible, this includes recycling all biomass contained in the waste. The clean recyclates are sent for reuse while the recycled biomass is then used to generate clean renewable energy. Starfort together with an experienced management team with over 200 years of combined industry experience, have designed a holistic circular solution for evolving global waste management into renewable power generation.

Based out of London UK with headquarters soon to open in Switzerland, multiple deployments are being explored across Europe, Central Asia, North America and South America to solve the waste crisis faced by every municipal waste authority today and sustainably address the ever-growing need for renewable energy. Converting MSW to clean renewable energy provides both public and private waste operators with a unique opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their landfill reduction requirements.

According to the world bank, an estimated two billion tonnes of waste is created each year, creating a demand for over 13,000+ standard sized Starfort plants. This doesn’t take into consideration the volume of waste contained in Landfills worldwide and floating on the oceans surface, which exponentially increases the market opportunity for this technology.

Landfills nor incineration are viable waste management solutions, with Methane emissions projected to be over 20x more harmful to the environment over the long term compared to carbon emissions.

Another unique approach being taken by Starfort is related to the consumption of the renewable energy recovered from municipal waste. Starfort will utilize modular Bitcoin mining data centres on-site to be the main customer of the clean energy produced. With no requirement for grid connection, Starforts can be deployed just about anywhere where there is a consistent supply of waste.

For any further information, please reach out to hello@starforttech.com