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Waste is treated as a problem to be burned, buried or dumped at sea. At Starfort, we see Waste as a resource, a perceived liability that can be transformed into a valuable asset.

By deploying a proprietary Waste-to-Energy system, we convert multiple waste types into clean energy to power modular Data Centres and strengthen Local Power Grids.

Energy Recovery Globally

There are Gigawatts of clean renewable energy stranded in MSW & Landfills worldwide.

Using a  Waste-to-Energy system that has achieved ''End of Waste'' status from the UK Environmental Agency, Starfort  can convert 100% of  MSW into sterilised recyclables and clean renewable energy.

Our Capabilities

Clean power generation

The UN and the EU both recognise that the biodegradable fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) is “Biomass” and both have classified this as a renewable source of clean energy.

This energy recovery system has no harmful emissions and in  contrast with other systems, it's output is carbon neutral.

Our Advantages

Rewnewable Data Centre Operations

Starfort Technologies generates clean energy to make data centre operations greener, cleaner and more profitable.

Our clean energy can also be exported to the local grid providing the ultimate load balancing solution for municipalities worldwide, strengthening local communities.

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The Waste Problem is Big

Starfort is the Big Solution

With 200+ years of combined industry experience, Starfort  is commercially deploying a technology that can drastically transform the Waste management sector and quantifiably reduce global pollution and carbon emissions.

This Waste-to-Energy system removes any requirement for Landfill or Incineration, offering municipal waste authorities and private operators a ground breaking opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their Landfill reduction targets.

A new era in global Waste Management is about to begin.

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OUR Passionate TEAM

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Gary Ruane


David Brill

Legal Counsel

Nick Hansen

Technology advisor

Starfort's Transformative Capabilities

1. Small plant
35k+ tonnes of waste intake pa
2. Standard Plant
150k+ tonnes of waste intake pa
3. Max Size plant
300k+ tonnes of waste intake pa
Renewable Power Generation
~1 MW Capacity
Renewable Power Generation
~8 MW Capacity
Renewable Power Generation
~16 MW Capacity

Starfort's Advantages

Wide range of waste inputs

Starfort Waste-to-Energy plants can consume a wide range of waste inputs including municipal solid waste (MSW), sewerage, animal slurry, medical waste, masks etc.  With End of Waste (EOW) status, there is no limit to the volume of waste that can be processed and repurposed.

Flexible and adaptable

Starfort plants can be deployed just about anywhere across the globe where there is a steady supply of waste. With power generation on-site, not requiring a grid connection opens up vast opportunities to scale deployment of this technology to remote locations.

Sustainable & Carbon neutral

Every aspect of this Waste-to-Energy system has been designed to operate with minimal or zero environmental impact. Landfills  are not a sustainable waste management solution as Methane emissions are projected to be over 20x more harmful compared to carbon emissions.

Robust roll-out plan

Starfort plants were holistically designed to enable simple and rapid deployment. This encompasses a skid based, modular system which is factory built and tested before shipping to site. Thus eliminating many of the risks associated with traditional builds.


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